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Evangel is home to Upward Sports in Clewiston, Florida.  Upward Sports is a faith-based sports program for children.  Throughout the year we offer sports leagues such as soccer, basketball, football, volleyball and cheerleading.  You can register your child to play in any of these leagues by following to link below for the sport that is being offered at this time. 

About Upward Sports Leagues

A league typically runs 8 weeks and is seasonal.  For example, we may offer Spring Soccer which would run during the months of March and April.  We may offer Fall Football which would run during the months of September and October.  Football and Basketball leagues also have cheerleading.  

A typical league would have a one day per week practice and a Saturday game. The practices consist of drills, techniques and a short half-time with a devotional.  Many of our devotionals are based on topics such as being a team player or being considerate of others.  We want students to learn some of the technical aspects of each sport while also teaching them to play with good sportsmanship. 

To register your student for an upcoming league, you can follow the link below to register on-line or you can call the church office at 863-983-5131.  You can also stop by the church office to pay for your registration with a check or cash.  The church address is 350 South Berner Rd, Clewiston, Florida 33440

Volleyball is just around the corner. Deadline for registration is August 22. The 1st evaluation will be on Sunday, August 27th at 3 p.m. Cost is $60  You can register in person or online by clicking the link below.

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