Renovations & improvements

Our church has been busy these past few months, here at Evangel we have been preparing our house to meet the needs of families that come in .  We are giving it a fresh look by cleaning and painting many rooms bringing excitement throughout our congregation.  We have set up a Building Fund offering that we collect every 3rd Sunday of the month.  Here are some of the improvements and changes that have been done, all with your generous giving:



     - Opened curtains showing our beautiful stained glass lighthouse

     - Took out the wall and tables to add more seating

     - Added information tables and resources (new church brochures and welcome packets)

     - Added our missionary wall with prayer cards

     - Took off the TV's on the pulpit to use our large screen 

     - Removed all of the extension cords on the pulpit and rewired the sound

     - Having a professional sound technician come in to set all sound on the platform

     - Added new computers for our sound person and video person

     - Have new tithe envelopes in all of the seats

     - Have new prayer request cards in all of the seats


     - Cleaned and organized all classrooms

     - All Bibles put into prayer room to give out

     - Added new chalkboards/bulletin boards/flannel boards

     - Added new CD player and TV's to rooms

Library/Resource Room

     - Moved to a new room that was fully redone in our classroom hallway corridor

     - Added more bookcases and shelves

Conference Room

     - Moved the library out and used only as a conference room with TV


     - Completely remodeled and repainted and sanitized

     - Added a TV for video's and a new CD player

     - Added a new wall that separated the crib and changing table

     - Added new toys and wall decor

Kitchenette Room

     - Cleaned and brightened up the room with new decor

     - Added a new cappuccino machine and commercial coffee maker

Youth Room

     - Painted all of the floors in the youth room and game room

     - Repaired and rewired all of the youth sound and lighting equipment

     - Installed new computer 

     - Added a new game room with Foosball, air hockey, bumper pool, darts, carpet ball, Xbox and Playstation.

Decoration Room

     - We now have one room designed for only our church decorations for all occasions

Church Offices

     - Added a security wall with buzzer

     - Added new phone system for all offices, kitchenette and outreach center

     - New copier and computer upgrade

     - Started the process of getting fiber optic for internet

     - Computer backup surge protection

Children's Church

     - Completely demolished children's church room/removed old bleachers

     - Made a brand new Children's Church set ' Seaside Theme"

     - Set up rooms designated for ministry supplies and craft room

     - Set up new computer and video equipment

     - Added much more costumes, gospel illusions, and ministry supplies

     - Painted Children's Church Hallway

Building Improvements

     - Stucco and painted all of our stained glass window area

     - Repairing all of the roof leaks

     - Process of repairing and cleaning all of the air conditioners

     - Process of taking up all of the carpeting on the sidewalks and power washing them 

     - Adding three new sanitizing stations in main building

     - Repaired lighting in church sign


     - Men's Ministry has started and meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month

          * They have already been helping out to minister to families in the church by doing house repairs

     - Women's Ministry has started and meets every 2nd Thursday of each month

     - Prayer Chain is strong with a new leader


July 2020   

     - Removed old carpet from sidewalks

     - Repaired all air conditioners/replaced filters/thermostats 

     - Removed old BBQ grill, new one being redone and upgraded, so its a smoker/grill

     - Church kitchen got a face lift/organized

     - Air grill vents installed for sanctuary air ventilation


August 2020

     - Stained sidewalks in front of main building

     - Repaired kitchen commercial freezer

     - Men's & Women's Ministry meetings have had great meeting attendance

     - Secret Sister Ministry has begun

     - Added another new missionary to our wall to support and pray for

     - Our praise team is growing, with keyboard player



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